GX6 Control 8.5oz


Gearbox’s vision was to pioneer technologies unlike anything ever imagined in pickleball. While others continue to be limited to the same Honeycomb structures and technologies of years past, Gearbox is not.  Gearbox is proud to announce the Patent of its Solid Span Technology. Experience what you never have before, ever, in pickleball.

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There’s a difference between a great pickleball paddle and a Game Changer. The GX6, is the Game Changer. Gearbox’s vision was to pioneer technology unlike anything ever imagined in pickleball. When you see, hear and hit a Gearbox GX6 paddle, you immediately know what you are experiencing is unlike anything before in pickleball. After many years of extensive research, countless hours of testing and believing that the impossible is possible, Gearbox introduces the GX6, the game changer, constructed with Patented Solid Span Technology.


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